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(17:13:04) DoDRuse:


(17:13:47) DoDRuse:

excellent ;)

(17:26:13) visitor-1:

hey Matt

(17:26:23) visitor-1:

anybody can make one of these in any group

(17:26:36) visitor-1:

Oh, this is bill in a test window

(17:27:33) visitor-1:

chats can be treated dynamically - made and deleted and made again

(17:27:42) visitor-1:

in any group

(17:28:34) Lithobolos:

and made private too

(21:32:53) AirNSwordz:

yeah "made private"
.. tell me about it ;) LOL

(09:14:07) Lithobolos:

well, as private as one can get on the internet, but Drupal is very secure.

(09:14:13) Lithobolos:

Nice avatar, by the way

(14:44:51) DoDRuse:

Hey Bill are you viewing the chat? Wanted to let you know I got your letter today...THANK YOU!

(15:30:00) DoDRuse:

I'm thinking of reorganizing the website links by consolidating all the singular links under topics such as "Blogs" and "News Sites" like I did with "Talkshoe shows" and "YouTube Channels".

(10:23:11) Anonymous:

That might be a good idea, but if you want, I can convert the content type to Wiki so that others can edit the pages too

(03:16:46) realist (visitor-16):

is this a WN site?

(03:17:05) realist (visitor-16):

dumb question

(03:17:09) realist (visitor-16):

it clearly is

Let's talk about politics.


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