Fascism Would Bring Us Terror?

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This show below titled Alternative Reality just aired a 20 minute brainwashing to the extreme. If you have not watched this yet you’re in for a real treat.

Bad points about the show to recognize:

  • Condemns people protecting the border
  • Racism is evil
  • Compares fascism to communism
  • Portrays our current capitalism and democracy as freedom and patriotic to die for
  • Fascism equals an evil totalitarian rule ran by slave labor (that will make the white man run)
  • Promotes the lie that Nazi’s used gas chambers
  • Portrays Germans as heartless killers having no problem with killing their own people
  • Protestors against the current system are evil people
  • Uncensored communication and social technology is dangerous for the general public because it can be used to form and organize domestic terrorist groups

Good points about the show to note:

  • Gives the scenario of Germany wining WWII (apart from the US getting bombed)
  • Promotes forming armed militias against a tyrannical rule. But even with this it gives the illusion that the current system we are in does not call for such action, of course.

The most ironic thing about this show is how it portrays the evil world we would live in if Nazi's ruled America. When in reality all the evils spoken of that would exist does in fact exist but under the Jewish rule here in America instead.

One of the most comical parts is when it speaks about how terrible it would have been in that the Nazi’s would have changed the world of sports. Now tell me the Jews don’t know how to upset the typical American male of our time.

And of course don’t miss the ending credits which display the names of both the VP’s over Spike TV’s production and operations. One name is straight Jewish (Gold) and the other is of Ashkenazic origin (Kirsh). Plus an Executive Producer, Cohen, Visual Special Effects, Schlachtenhaufen  and last but not least Executive of Production, Sharon Levy. Oh and by the way Spike TV is owned by MTV.

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Fascism Would Bring Us Terror?

Well said, and I love your comment about the sports aspect, did you notice that they made Hitler throw like a girl? Nice touch. When I watched this I alternated between laughing and groaning.

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