Elie Wiesel Cons The World

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Elie Wiesel has told us for over 50 years that he was tattooed at
Auschwitz in 1944, and that his tattoo number is A7713. He has
repeatedly said that he still has this original tattoo on his arm. Just
last March in Dayton, Ohio, Elie met with the press, high school and
college students, and 2300 members of the local community. As reported
in the Dayton Daily News , one student asked Wiesel if he still has his
concentration camp number and if it serves as a reminder of those
terrible experiences. "I don’t need that to remember, I think about my
past every day," he responded. "But I still have it on my arm – A7713.
At that time, we were numbers. No names, no identity."



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