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Eli James (aka Joseph P. November) really did it this time. In the audio clip above, which is from Eli's program "Exterminationism" which aired on October 9th, 2011 on his Voice of Christian Israel program, Eli made the following assertions:

  • Eli says that he knows that his DNA is  "pure-blooded white Anglo-Saxon Germanic".
  • Eli says "I've got the DNA analysis I can send it to anybody if you're in doubt". Eli refers people to the DNA testing website 23andme.
  • Eli claims to have obtained a report from this company at 23andme.
  • Eli claims that 23andme will supply a customer with a list of famous people that have "the same DNA signature that you do".
  • Eli then claims that 23andme reported to him that his "closest female relative is Marie Antoinette"  and that his "closest male relative is Saint Luke"!!! He then says that "very few people have this DNA signature that I do".
  • (Eli then tells a ridiculous story about Thomas Jefferson's DNA signature that cannot be substantiated, as if to give his assertions concerning himself some sort of authority.)

JOHN844.ORG requests that Eli James put his DNA report from 23andme on his website. We really want to see this report, as Eli has stated that he would "send to anybody" who is in doubt.

What we would question first is whether 23andme can indeed provide the DNA signature for Saint Luke, and if they would even make this incredible claim. 

We hereby openly request that Eli James produce the report from 23andme that substantiates his claims concerning Marie Antoinette and Saint Luke by posting it onto his website.

Where did Eli James (which is not even his real name) get his information about Thomas Jefferson and Marie Antoinette? How about the advertising page at the website (Click here to see the original) which states: "Find out if you share an ancestral path with a celebrity. Experts have traced the ancestral lineages of several well-known people. Find out if your DNA connects you to a select group of such celebrities, including Marie Antoinette, Thomas Jefferson, Warren Buffett and Bono."

Copies of this article have been sent to Eli James and Greg Howard using the link below.

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Where Are Your Papers St. Eli Antoinette!

OK, time is up. Eli James should have presented us his DNA test from 23andMe by now. It's time to get out the pitchforks and drive this beast out of town.

St. Eli Antoinette

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Eli is a liar

I just listened to this. I've done 2 DNA tests in my life. And you don't put your "spit in a vial" like Eli asserts. You actually rub a couple of swabs (like long ear cleaning swabs) along your gum line and put that in an envelope and send it back in. "Spit in a vial" is horseshit and another one of his lies. The guy is a liar.

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"Spit in a vial"

23andme spi kit is $99.00

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Who is lying?

Either the DNA company is lying, and Eli is totally naive, OR Eli is lying. NOBODY has Luke's DNA! Which is it?

23andme claiming that a Levite is a jew: http://spittoon.23andme.com/tag/bible/


And now here is some info from 23andme on their DNA on Luke (Luke the Evangelist - aka St. Luke): http://isogg.org/famousdna.htm 


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