Christian Identity Under Attack

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Through a proper study of history it becomes quite evident that the Jewish race has concocted many strategies to use, demoralize and eliminate the white race. They have placed themselves among us to pretend to be one of us in hopes to persuade us to do their bidding. This is one of their greatest goals out of all their strategies because it is only after that accomplishment are they able to then carry out their other agendas. Once in the offices of power they are then able to come up with ways to drain the resources from our race. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through convincing the white race to fight against one other. With this the Jews have a twofold success through getting our race into debt while at the same time killing us off so that we don't become too large of a population to control. Then of course another great tactic of theirs is to divide us through promoting miscegenation, while at the same time stirring up the animosity races naturally have towards one another. Doing this in turn also allows them to demonize racism and sell the lie that we all need to promote a universalist empire in hopes that they will eventually control and make money off the entire world.
I have composed the following video compilation to demonstrate this fact in America through the blacks Jew controlled lies. The blacks currently are the ones that are the most adamant at openly attacking the white people and more specifically those who hold to the Christian Identity theology.

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