Cheka and NKVD Marxist holocaust

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"Let the enemies of the working class remember that any person who is
arrested with a gun in his hands, without the corresponding permission
and identification, is subject to immediate execution, and any person
who dares to talk against Soviet power will be immediately arrested and
put in a concentration camp. The members of the bourgeoise must feel the
heavy hand of the working class. All capitalist robbers, marauders, and
speculators will be sent to compulsory public works, their property
will be confiscated, and persons involved in counter-revolutionary plots
will be destroyed and smashed by the heavy hammer of the revolutionary
~vice chairman peters of the Cheka.

Marxist Jews in the Russian Revolution & USSR:

Stalin Vs. Trotsky

Winston Churchill Writes of Jews Communism & Zionism:

The Website of historian David Irving:


King, David. Cohen Stephen. The Commissar Vanishes. USA. Henry Holt and Company Inc. 1997.

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