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Leaving the Judaic Stream of Babylon

The INSIGHT or UNDERSTANDING of our Living Kinsman Redeemer, YAHWEH (YAHSHUA CHRIST) that was manifested in the flesh 2000 years ago exposed in HIS life, death, and resurrection the immediate requirement to action or perhaps firstly to shun the acts of our (TRUE ISRAEL'S) enemy, the "eternal jew".  In the Vein Stream satanic bloodline of Cain's descendants, their lies many a poisonous arrows which are around every rock, turn, creves and damn of a world gone completely mad.  The matrix of the Con's Fu

In ISAAC shall thy seed be called, and ZACKS SON (SAXONS) WERE NOT JEWS!
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Breaking the Judaized Conditioned Braindead center and walls

Understanding the ways of the world, one self, and the snake(s) in the grass is a dangerous affair, not a tame affair.  In John 8:44, our Prince, Yahshau Christ (YAHWEH) IN THE FLESH exposes the "satan" of Revelations, Chapters, 2, 3, and 12.  It is non other then the Edom/Esau, Canannite, Kenite "jew".  It is the old trick of foolery (jewry) to divert attention away from understanding disorder in our thinking by projecting the easter bunnies and satan's claws of the Jolly old Saint Nick.  It is also the trick of the jew to divert us in

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