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On German fascism: Question (from Voronezh-based TOCh communities): “Your Eminence, What is your view on the afterlife of Fuhrer Adolph Hitler’s true brothers-in-arms who professed identical Christianity, in part, the 88 warriors?” Archbishop Amvrosy’s answer; “I hope for their good afterlife fate.” Q.: “What does mystic and pagan Hitler have to do with the Orthodoxy?” A.: “Fuhrer A. Hitler is immediately connected with the Orthodoxy as the promised Leader-Liberator, similar to the ancient King Cyrus of Media or Alexander the Great. Any paganism as well as occultism is out of question. Mein Kampf, along with a number of Hitler’s articles and addresses and the 1920 NSDAP program are graphic evidences of his Christian mentality.”

On the national question: Q.: “what do you think, why liberal Christians are attracted by Judaism? The Jewish question is an indicator of liberalism of a kind.” A.: “In my view, such inclination for the kikes origins from the anti-Biblical system of notions based on humanism, the Talmud, and distorted exegetics. They consider the self-proclaimed Jews historical Israel, ‘twice Peculiar,’ etc., completely denying the fact that the Christian people are the new Israel, with ancient Jews being Nordic people instead of degenerative kikes), and misunderstanding the damnation on Jews.”

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What a strange place you

What a strange place you found there, Heltonaire. Identical Christianity? LOL.

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