Jewish Community Found In Iceland

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Jewish Community Found In Iceland


Words by Paul Fontaine

Two American rabbinical students who arrived in Iceland in search
of the country's Jewish population found a surprising number of them,
and believe the need for a synagogue is apparent.

Iceland's Jewish community, while present, has not always been readily visible. The Grapevine first spoke to two Jewish people in 2004, who asked that their names not be disclosed for fear of losing friends.

now reports that Berel Pewzner and Mendy Tzfasman, two rabbinical
students from the US, recently came to Iceland looking for the Jewish
community, and found, to their surprise, nearly a hundred of them.

two conducted their search by putting in ad in Fréttablaðið, but also
by simply walking around town and asking Icelanders if they knew any
Jewish people. With time, their list grew to about 90 individuals.

state of Jewish people in Iceland is very good," Pewzner said, adding
that the community continues to be vibrant and growing. "We look with
bright eyes to the future. We believe this will inevitably lead to the
need to build a synagogue in Reykjavík."

During part of their
visit, Pewzner and Tzfasman celebrated the Jewish New Year, Rosh
Hashanah, with members of the community that they met in Iceland.

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This ''people'' will ruin

This ''people'' will ruin Iceland! don't let the jews take over it!

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