High Percentage Of Icelanders Considering Leaving The Country

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High Percentage Of Icelanders Considering Leaving The Country


Words by Paul Fontaine

About 40% of Icelanders have said that they have recently
considered leaving the country, for reasons that are hardly surprising.
The demographic breakdown sheds more light on those parties interested.

The poll,
conducted by Market and Media Research, shows that 39.8% of those
surveyed have considered moving away from Iceland in recent months.
26.5% said their reasons are due to the economic situation, while 13.3%
said there were other reasons. 60.1% have no intention of leaving

Considerably more men than women (46.2% to 33.5%) have
made the consideration, and in terms of age, those between 18 and 29
were far more likely to entertain the notion of leaving than older
peole. Related to the high proportion of those choosing economic
reasons, there is a visible trend showing lower income levels tending
closer to considering leaving than those making more money.

party affiliation, those Icelanders who have recently thought of leaving
the country were most likely to belong to the Independence Party (41%),
followed by the Progressives (33.4%), the Social Democrats (28.2%) and
finally the Leftist-Greens (24.5%).

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