Greece to Build Wall to Keep Out Turks

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Greece to Build Wall to Keep Out Turks

by Jeff Davis

Reuters article reports: “The U.N. refugee agency voiced concern on
Friday that Greece’s proposed 12.5 km-long fence at its border with
Turkey will shut out asylum-seekers fleeing violence and abuse in their
troubled homelands. The fence could lead illegal migrants, including
people in need of international protection, to resort to even riskier
routes with the help of unscrupulous human traffickers, it said.”

wait a minute? Isn’t Turkey supposed to be a noble ally of the West,
since they agreed to let their territory be used as an air base to bomb
other Muslim countries, especially Iraq and Iran? I guess Ralph Waldo
Emerson had it right: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little

Reuters goes on: “Greece said on Monday it planned a
fence at its border with Turkey in the Evros region to prevent a wave of
immigrants flowing into the debt-choked country. Nine out of 10 illegal
immigrants use Greece as their springboard into the European Union.”

that Greece is not even a final destination. I guess the first wave of
Turkish illegal aliens overwhelmed the Greek welfare system and the
Turks now move on to more prosperous nations.

Why do these so-called Asylum seekers get to invade prosperous nations?

the majority White nations of the world should refuse to accept ANY
alleged Third World asylum seekers. Instead, an international
arrangement should be made so that asylum seekers from Turkey will be
accepted into an equally poor Third World nation. Even if we have to
bribe some Third World dictators into accepting these “asylum seekers,”
it would be money well-spent and only a tiny fraction of the cost of
supporting a gigantic Third World population with an average 80 point IQ
in a White nation.

This way, whiny bleeding heart White liberals
won’t have an excuse to go off screaming about “people are dying” if we
don’t let them into White nations. In fact, if a policy like this were
announced tomorrow, the number of Asylum seekers from the Third World
would likely drop off 100 percent.

If a potential “refugee” from
Turkey, knew that he would wind up in Uzbekistan instead of Germany with
a nice apartment and a welfare check, he would never have left his goat

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