Breaking the Judaized Conditioned Braindead center and walls

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Understanding the ways of the world, one self, and the snake(s) in the grass is a dangerous affair, not a tame affair.  In John 8:44, our Prince, Yahshau Christ (YAHWEH) IN THE FLESH exposes the "satan" of Revelations, Chapters, 2, 3, and 12.  It is non other then the Edom/Esau, Canannite, Kenite "jew".  It is the old trick of foolery (jewry) to divert attention away from understanding disorder in our thinking by projecting the easter bunnies and satan's claws of the Jolly old Saint Nick.  It is also the trick of the jew to divert us into "thinking" that we can change the outside environment, and then eventually........... bring about a radical inward transformation.  The truth is, that order is UNDERSTANDING the disorder of our own judaized conditioned minds, and realize that that understanding in the Light exposing the darkness of our timeworn, timetorn and timebinded processes of stinking thinking from a world that passes away.  The eternal jew forever will be just that, and as long as we "think" like a jew, we will forever resist the true light that alone is YAHSHAU CHRIST from clearing the central critical mass of the con's fussion of self agrandizement.  Individualism is jewish, it's roots are bound in the roots of jewish talmudic babylonianism.  One must begin simply by the attitude, approach and ever watchful vigilants of an awakened faithful witness to the everdemanding lies and false accusations of the eternal jew's carefully built centers and walls of moving away from the truth of one self.  WATCH, AND BE EVER READY!

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