"Anti-Semetic" Iceland

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Is Iceland on Israeli radar after Norway?

On March 9, 2011 – The BBC reported that
property tycoons Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz were arrested as part of
an investigation into the collapse of Icelandic bank Kaupthing. However,
it was not mentioned that the two brothers were Israeli citizen and
their father, Victor Tchenguiz, was an Iranian Jew and the royal
jeweller of King Reza Shah (d. 1979). According to The Telegraph (March
6, 2010), Vincent Tchenguizs once dated Dorrit Moussaieff, the
Israeli-born Jewish wife of Iceland’s President Dr. Ólafur Ragnar

Now, why I am mentioning this Jewish power in the tiny country
Iceland with a population of 320,000? Well, the other day, I read
Manfred Gerstenfeld’s Op-ed in Israeli daily YNet (July 18, 2011),
entitled ‘Iceland against Israel’. Dr. Manfred is a political
activist and Chairman of Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for
Public Affairs. His grievances against Icelanders are not much different
to the anti-Israel activities of Norwegians, which really scares me.

Manfred list many reasons to slam Iceland as Anti-Semitic - highlighting Iceland government’s “considerable arrogance toward Israel“.

Iceland’s FM Ossur Skarphedinsson visited Hamas territory Gaza last
week. He promised Palestinians Iceland’s support in their bid for
statehood at the next United Nations General Assembly. He studiously
avoided any diplomatic contact with Israel on that trip but visited
Jordan and Egypt. Earlier this month, the Icelandic Birgitta Jonsdottir
was the first parliamentarian of any country to visit participants of
the Israeli sabotaged Gaza flotilla II.

During 2010 United Nations General assembly meeting – Iceland’s
foreign minister spoke out against Israel. When FM Lieberman wrote to
him on this issue, Skarphedinsson did not answer. He did not even
confirm receipt of Lieberman’s letter. Skarphedinsson also ordered
Icelandic diplomats to remain in the hall while Iranian President
Ahmadinejad spoke at the Durban review conference in Geneva in 2009. Diplomats from almost all other European countries left.

The Icelandic Parliament had condemned Israel and some members
suggested placing sanctions on the Zionist entity or even breaking off
relations with it. When the Olmert government sent Minister Yuli Tamir
to Europe during the Gaza invasion (2008-09) , Iceland refused to
receive her.

In the 17th century, Icelandic clergyman Hallgrimur Pétursson
composed a wide selection of hymns. In these hymns, Jews are mentioned
more than 50 times, yet only for their “perfidy, falseness, wickedness
and other malice.”

Iceland had refused to prosecute Evald Mikson who allegedly murdered
Jews in his native Estonia until 1993. Mikson had found refuge in
Iceland where his sons played in the national soccer team. Iceland’s
President Olafur Grimsson had the nerve to comapre Mikson with Israeli
murder of Hezbollah leader Abbas Musawi and of Israeli attacks on
southern Lebanese towns.

In 2005, Iceland granted citizenship to former world chess champion,
anti-Zionist Bobby Fischer who happens to have Jewish ancestry.

And finally Manfred’s humor. Iceland is pro-Muslim because it is
trying to become a non-permanent member of UNSC for which it needs
Muslim votes at the UN General assembly and Icelanders’ anti-Semitism is
due to the fact that only a few Jews live in that country.

Iceland’s Muslim population is less than 50.

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